Friday, November 29, 2013

Jalan-jalan di Danau Toba & Medan, Indonesia


Awal tahun ni, saya dan kawan-kawan yang berjaya dalam PMR di sponsor oleh sekolah untuk ke Medan. Sekarang di akhir tahun kot. haha lantak ah tapi nak citer jugak. hehe :)
Fyi, that is my first time to jenjalan kat negara orang and mestilahhhh excited kan. So here I got some pictures for you, bloggie.

pengumuman: gambar-gambar ini tidak tersusun dengan betul.

 First time experience, haruslah ambik gambar dalam plane hihi :)
 ni pun nak ambik ke? :/

 Restoran garuda ni makanan dia NOT BADDD. Ramai tourist datang kat sini.
 Kat danau Toba ni kan, belambak kot Church :(
 Baca ye sume
 Ni bilik hotel dekat danau Toba. Overall okay la tempat ni.
 Udara yang segar, pemandangan yang indah. Oh rinduuu

 Danau Toba is soooo beautiful! Subhanallah!
 Ni market dekat Pulau Samosir. Orang batak penduduknya ok.

 Harga barang kat sini tak murah mane pun.

 Ok, ni hotel kat Medan. Inna Dharma Deli. Sangat besar bilik hotel kat sini. Jangan gaduh-gaduh eh kat hotel *tetibe*
 Besharrr kan?
 Bertentangan dengan hotel
 Sepanjang perjalanan, banyak sangat benda ni. btw, cantikk gak

 Istana Maimon

 Luncheon :) Teh botol ni ramai cakap sedap tapi not my tasteeee, sorry
Makanan dia ok cuma tekak I ni suka kuah. No kuah No good aa. Ke mana tumpahnye kuah kalau tak ke nasi kan?

Missing this moment very much! Ok thats all. Wassalam uolls :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

#repost Cerminan Diri

repost from akuislam


Cerminan Diri. How To Become A Better Person. Practically

Person | Touch. by TinaApple
People often say that who you’re with is a reflection of yourself…
A lot of people complain on the dislikes in a partner that they are with.
Some girls who are unfortunate end up with husbands that abuse them, and some end up with husbands that are just irresponsible and mean.
And these girls are in pain and in misery. It wouldn’t be fair if I just talk about girls in misery. Same goes for men.
They end up with a wife who does not take care of her appearance, who is lazy, who flirts with other men at work, who doesnt respect the husband, who constantly complains that he doesnt give enough financial support, and the list gooooes on.
May we all be prevented from this test, and for those who are under the test may you be given Sakinah within you and Sabr in facing those trials..

To be with a person that we dislike?

If we really start to think why we’re with a person that has some characteristics that you dislike so much. Then look within yourself, look hard within yourself.
There has to be something about you that is still not right, that needs to be fixed. Which is of course, we all have sins don’t we. Check our hearts.
Check our relationship with the One.
After all, if you want the best, you must be the best. And you wont get the best in the end, because we’re alll not perfect.
When imperfections are combined with another imperfection, its almost equal to disaster no?
Not complete each other and live happily ever after like what the fairy tales taught us :P.
I guess what we need is a companion that can continue to support us in life struggles and help us to become a better person. Its more of giving than receiving.
I guess thats why in religion, for a husband and for a wife have they have their own responsibilities and guidance on what to do.
And if you stick to the rules, which is by pleasing the Creator, the capacity to continue giving love to the person strengthens.
Afterall, that love feeling is a gift from the Creator itself.
Hence…, I guess thats how the love strengthens.
And it doesnt just stop there between spouses, it begins from loving yourself , then extending it to others and to the whole ummah
Often when people say rules, they talk about what are my rights, and what are your rights. And between spouses we demand whats our rights. This becomes a huuuge issue then.

But religion must be practiced holistically not just partial.

Perlaksanaan tanggungjawab mesti diiringi dengan akhlak.
Akhlak mampu melembutkan sesorang dengan izinNya of course.
Berapa ramai yang berubah berjinak-jinak untuk menjadi lebih baik disebabkan dengan akhlak seseorang..?
I can understand this myself, because I understand a persons feeling how we cant just simply follow the rule although we know its wrong.
Thats cause I was the person, and still am the person.
And doa doa doa is the only weapon that can save you. It is hard, struggling understanding how to be a full practicing muslim.
And they say that hidayah does not come rolling to us just like that, nor does it drop from the sky just like that…

We need to seek it.

I am still on a journey seeking it.. And I hope you’re together with me on this journey…
Continue to repent and improve yourself is the only key solution I guess..And I hope , and truly hope that all of us will be given taufiq and hidayah..
“When you see someone who is not as religious, remember that you were once on the edge of the fire, and it was Allah (swt)’s favor upon you to guide you. Arrogance will wipe away any goodness from the transformation.”
-Nouman Ali Khan
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I am akuislam blog lover. Seriously. And this entry is just to awesomee. Goodluck Sakina! and yeah AKUISLAM.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

My fav poem

Assalamualaikum :)

Seriously, masa mula-mula dengar kat youtube poem ni, terus jatuh cinta dengan ayat-ayat yang digunakan. Tambahahan pula, poet nya ialah Amal Ahmed Albaz, a very beautiful woman. Suka sangat poem ni sampai time buat Oral Assestment pun guna poem ni je. Harap-harap teacher pun jatuh cinta lepas tu bagi markah penuh. kekeke

So, here the poem :)


Let me, introduce myself.
My name, is Islam.
The root word of peace- salam,
Or even salema- meaning submission.
Which to a Muslim, is like his tuition.
It’s his ticket in,
But before I begin,
Let me greet you, like I’m supposed to do,
So Assalamu alaikum, may peace be upon you!
You know? It’s kinda’ funny…
I’m accused of oppressing, when really I’m oppressed.
I’ve become on the list of things to detest.
I’m screamed in rage, in almost every protest,
& I’ve become the “red scare“, a “threat to the west“.
You see?
If you look at me, and all my obligations,
You’ll see why I have such a great population,
It’s cause there’s the motivation,
And that sense of inspiration,
That keeps “Muslim” as their occupation.
To me, being a good Muslim means being a good person.
’cause I’ll never ask you to kill or to slay,
Or to lie at least 5 times a day.
I’ll never ask you steal, or to hate,
Or to swear or discriminate.
I actually tell you to smile to everyone you see,
Cause a smile’s the best form of charity.
I tell you to not smoke and not to drink,
To stay clean and take showers so you simply don’t stink.
I tell you to care for animals and treat them with care,
So yes, I’m against animal testing & abuse in case you weren’t aware.
I tell you to treat those who treat you bitter…better.
I tell you not to be mad at someone for more than 3 days,
I tell you to respect women and lower your gaze.
I tell you that paradise lies under the feet of your mother,
I tell you to passionately love your significant other.
I tell you to never mistreat your wife!
I mean…if I tell you to care for animals, then what about the love of your life?
I tell you to be precious, and save yourself for the “one”.
So you don’t keep giving yourself away…till you’re literally done.
I tell you to be moderate and that balance is key,
Just in the middle is the perfect place to be.
I tell you to excel in all that you do,
From that essay to that slam-dunk too!
I tell you to clear your ignorance and to never judge,
To love for your bro what you love for yourself; & to never hold a grudge.
I tell you how to be a good person. A person of peace, and a person of love.
They say I’m a terrorist,
An extremist.
And you know what? I am.
I am a terrorist; I terrorize terror,
I kill injustice to make this world fairer.
I am an extremist; I am extremely kind.
So beware of my extreme benevolence, to all of mankind.
Yes, there are those who kill and bomb in my name,
But if I don’t approve, then why am I to be blamed?
In every religion, you’ll find those who abuse it,
Thinking they have a permit,
To do wrong.
A religion maybe perfect, but the followers may not be.
So when mine commit mistakes, don’t blame it on me.
I give what I got, and what I got is good.
So if they do otherwise…they misunderstood.
& I’m not here to preach, I’m only here to teach.
I’m a professor in politics, economy and sociology.
In manners and etiquette, I got my PHD.
To all my teachings, I have two sources.
The book of God, and the words of the prophet are my resources.
I teach for free and to whoever desires to learn,
It’s all for the sake of Allah, I ask for nothing in return.
& Listen,
I’m not here to convert, but just to clear misconceptions.
With the way I’m viewed and my common perception.
Because yes, it hurts when I’m literally abused,
By some, who do it for pleasure, just to be amused.
& By some, who just follow the “trend” cause they’re clearly confused.
In a nutshell, my name is Islam,
And everything I do, goes back to Salam… peace.
& so as your prof, I need to make sure you pass this test called Life.
Best kan ayat-ayat dia. Kalah ayat-ayat cinta. hehe.
Islam is just tooo perfect for us.
p/s: I am a muslim, but if I am doing mistakes, don't blame it on my religion but blame on me :). Forgive all my mistakes uolls

in a nutshell, I am a muslim and everythings I do goes back to salam---peace!